Please Don’t Make Me Do Stuff T Shirt

Please Don’t Make Me Do Stuff T Shirt. I feel like this every time my boss walks by my cubicle. Or my other boss emails me. Or I see my Mom on caller ID. Or the cat start to pace. Or the waiter waiting for my order.

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Come to think it, the fact that this shirt speaks deeply to my soul probably indicates I have some psychological issues that could use some attending. Thank God I don’t actually have to leave the house to get help. Not when Jordan Peterson has put out 100s and 100s of hours of videos basically teaching you how to live life with purpose and aplomb.

Of course, his whole damn thing is pick up the heaviest load you can carry in this life and do it. Good Lord, that’s just about the opposite vibe to this shirt, and is quite daunting, but I think he might be on to something. What else are you going to do?

It’s the like the ultimate answer to existential angst. Keeps you busy and focused so you don’t notice or necessarily care that your body is rotting and your mind is turning to mush as everyone’s does (if they’re lucky). Well, except for Peter Thiel, who gets blood infusions from vivacious teenagers to stay young.

And Keanu Reeves, who doesn’t age because he’s let all fear go, and now lives in a world of guns, motorcycles, and philosophy, which will keep anyone young (as long as you have multi-millions in your bank account from being a monosyllabic, heart throb movie star.

John Wick! Am I right? Don’t answer that. I don’t want to make you do anything, except maybe click the buy now button because you love this shirt. Or say look at all the other Snorg Tees designs I totally love and respect.

Have I mentioned that Keanu is awesome. I have a bit of a man crush. He’d look good in this t-shirt.

Please Don’t Make Me Do Stuff T Shirt: I’m Busy Twirling My Hair

Please Don't Make Me Do Stuff T-Shirt

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