Pink Taco Shirt: For When You Want to Get Sexy But You’re Hungry Too

Pink Taco Shirt. Hey, it’s a fake strip club called the Pink Taco. Wait, is that a euphemism for a, uh, um. Well, I guess this isn’t really a family friendly website, so maybe I should just say it. Nah, some things are better left unsaid.

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For some reason, I thought the Pink Taco Strip Club was from a movie. But, I’m not finding it. Do you know what this is all about? Leave your explanation in the comments if you do. Otherwise, we have a chain of taco trucks called pink taco. Might be in reference to some shredded beets, or red cabbage or something.

There’s a bar at the Hard Rock Casino called the Pink Taco.

And, of course, there’s the first definition of Pink Taco in the Urban Dictionary.

Obviously, this shirt has more relation to that Urban Dictionary definition. The female genitalia. I’m not sure I’m down with mixing that up with these restaurants of the same name. I’ve never been into the food and sex deal. Seems unsanitary. Maybe I’m a prude.

Maybe I’m just bitter because I’m in my 40s and only shook a nice lady’s hand at the DMV once.

Pink Taco Shirt: For When You Want to Get Nasty and Act Like You’ve Done Some Real Dirty Stuff

pink taco shirt
Photo by Kaloozer

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Not sure where this sign is from. Not seeing the telltale sign of grinding broads in anus flossing one-piece outfits, poofy hair, and lucite heels. Not saying this isn’t a picture of a strip club. There’s just no evidence of it, except for the hazy, neon sign glow.

Again, that could just be a bar. Or a Mexican food joint. Who knows in this crazy mixed up world.

What will they think up next. My Dick Meat Chimichanga House? Who even knows at this point?

Hey, there are more taco shirts that you should have a look at. Most are not this sexual. Most focus more on the delicious food.