Pavlov’s Cat T shirt

Pavlov’s Cat T Shirt. It took Ivan Pavlov years to find the right subject to successfully complete his tests of his conditioning hypothesis. We’re lucky to have this historical depiction of him failing miserably trying to get his cat to come for dinner.

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He’s like … I’ve been doing this damn bell ringing with this cat for 19 months straight and it only worked three times, and, since I’m a scientist with integrity, I must admit that those were probably chance. She just happened to be walking by while I was ringing the bell.

I’m a little embarrassed about the picture immortalized on this tee, because I was on my last nerve. The cat was just sitting there cleaning herself, like I hadn’t been diligently working with her for months. Like this was all new to her, and she had no time for it.

Well, I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was extremely frustrating and my work was stalled out completely. I was stuck to the point where I was thinking about another line of work. Shoveling coal at the factory. Or ragpicker, which I don’t know what it even is. So, I’m kind of just ringing the damn bell at the cat, and finally I get a reaction.

She meows and bats at my beard and then the bell. This, my friends, is the unglamorous side of science. The side you don’t see on the big screen or big text books, and big t-shirts.

Was it part of that dude’s contract as an actor to wear that evil scientist beard? It’s pretty sweet. I’m talking about the guy in the lab coat in the video.

Pavlov, on the other hand, had a full, real man beard that said to his colleagues, I’m a legit scientist, who shall not be trifled with.

Pavlov’s Cat T shirt: The Other Problem With the Cat Experiment Was It Didn’t Slobber Over Everything Like the Dog

Pavlov’s Cat T shirt

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