Patriotic Baby Groot With Shades T Shirt

Patriotic Baby Groot With Shades T Shirt. Baby Groot was instantly beloved the moment he showed up on the big screen. Isn’t it interesting how that happens. I love him to because he’s in awe of the fireworks representing the freedom of the United States.

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Guardians of the Galaxy. Generally, I’m not a huge fan of super hero or sci fi movies made entirely for the kids, but this one had enough humor to make it watchable. And, I suppose I’m a sucker for exciting action. Apparently, a lot of people agree because a third in the series is in the works.

Baby Groot was no small part of that success. He was instantly a hit as soon as he showed up. I mean, Groot was popular, but he died, so there was that added emotional punch when Baby Groot showed up.

Anyway, when you catch lightning in a bottle you have to squeeze all the commercial viability out of it that you can. Just kidding. You have to use it to promote patriotism and squeeze a little profit.

Just kidding. You have to design a shirt that a lot of people would be happily willing to pay money for so they can wear it, look good, and start conversations with friends, acquaintances, and random hotties at the bar.

Patriotic Baby Groot With Shades T Shirt: Staring At Fireworks With Shades

Patriotic Groot With Shades T Shirt
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So, if Baby Groot is watching fireworks with shades on, that means he’s wearing his sunglasses at night. Right?

That’s an important point for sure, but I’m going to end with this. It’s important to see nature and people working together for a common cause. You have the globalists promoting this horrific notion that humans are a virus on the planet and it would be better if us useless feeders would be gone. Not all of us. Not the elite.

Just most of the masses. They do this under the guise of carrying for the environment. I agree we can always improve our stewardship of the planet, but not at the expense of human flourishing.