Parkour Maze T Shirt: Are You a Cheater or a Winner or Both?

Parkour Maze T Shirt. I guess if you have the skills to do it like this it’s not cheating. Right? What do you think? Are you going to buy this shirt to celebrate cheating or the sublime skills of a parkour master.

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If and when you have children will this be a shirt you show them. Like you can be a schlub and walk the maze and hope to find the end, or you can parkour that m’fer and jump bushes, roll off of jumps, and scale sheer walls.

Your choice. I’m just saying if you want songs sung in your honor and books written slobbering all over your out-sized achievements, you know which path to pick. If you want to be boring and predictable well then, maybe don’t even go to the maze.

Now it’s very possible that you’ll die while jumping off a 42 foot building onto the garage that stands only 13 feet tall. You may botch the landing, paralyze yourself, and then eventually roll your wheelchair off the Grand Canyon after begging your mom through wheezing breath that you wanted to visit the natural wonder of the world.

But, the books about you will be written. That’s a legacy. It’s more than most get. So, it’s quite possibly worth it.

Parkour Maze T Shirt: For When Your Not Quite Ready to Make the Decision to Put Your Life In Danger

Parkour Maze T-Shirt

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Don’t decide now. Take your time. Get the shirt. Meditate on it. Your truth will bubble up. In time, you will know.

Let me throw one more thing out there for you to chew on. What if this is a corn maze? I’m not sure parkour or freerunning helps you out at all. Corn stalks are not supporting your weight. Think about it.

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