Oh What Fun It Is To Ride Motorcycle Jumps T Shirt (Ugly Xmas Sweater)

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride Motorcycle Jumps T Shirt. It’s another ugly Christmas sweater t-shirt design. For all you daring motorcycle riders, this one is for you. Actually, most motorcyclers are probably more big cruising Harley types. This is more motocross with the crazy stunts.

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I really don’t know if I should call this motorcycle jumps or freestyle motocross, which those in the know like to call FMX. I think motorcyclists are crazy. Yeah, just the people riding the speed limit on those beasts with pannier bags. I think that’s crazy.

So, racing motorcycles is a whole ‘nother level of nuts to me. Then, I can barely even conceptualize what would compel you to compete in freestyle motocross. A death wish? Actually, I read a book about flow states, and the author said that these daredevil, extreme sports freaks are actually pushing the limits of mind and body, which probably has the effect of moving human evolution forward.

This is pretty mind blowing when you think about it. Kev the stoner motocross bro is pushing humanity to new heights.

I’m not sure I’d do those sorts of stunts in a swimming pool without a bike or heights. Like I think I’d be nervous to do those types of twists and flips and spends in the safety of the pool (not the shallow end because I need more room, but not the deep end, because if I go down too many feet my ears get weird).

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Oh What Fun It Is To Ride Free Style Motocross T Shirt (FMX)


Oh What Fun It Is To Ride Motorcycle Jumps T Shirt (Ugly Xmas Sweater)

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