Oh Hi Santa Tommy Wiseau T Shirt

Oh Hi Santa Tommy Wiseau T Shirt. Only thing I know about this dude was he was kind of a weirdo with a strong vision, who made, what is called, one of the worst movies of all time, The Room. James Franco lionized the dude in his recent film, The Disaster Artist.


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Of course, this tee design is a Yuletide riff on the famous scene in The Room, where Tommy’s character is trying to prove to himself that he did not “hit her.” As he walks onto the roof and throws a plastic bottle, he greets his friend Mark, “Oh, hi Mark.”

So, you can see how a creative mind might make the leap. He’s already on the roof, so now let’s swap Mark for Santa. Oh, hi Santa. It’s almost existential. He’s struggling with being accused of violence. Has Santa caught wind of this? Is he on the naughty list?

More importantly Wiseau recently put out a Christmas song for all his adoring fans. Listening is one way to get into the holiday spirit, along with looking at all the amazing funny Xmas shirts I have found for your edification.

Have you not learned enough about Tommy Wiseau? Then you should probably visited his site, where he sells TW underwear and robes and stuff. Then, you’ll want to sign the petition for him to be cast in every movie for the rest of his laugh. It’s the right thing to do for Tommy and the world at large. 

It will make the world a better place. You do want the world to be a better place don’t you?

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Oh Hi Santa T-Shirt

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