Obey the Hypnotoad T Shirt

Obey the Hypnotoad T Shirt. Futurama’s character Hypnotoad was a smash hit, and now, you can get him on a t-shirt! Damn life is sweet in the new millennium. Right? Whatever you want is there waiting for you to click on it.

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I sorta want to say, if you have to ask, you’ll never know about Hypnotoad, but that’s kind of douchey, so why don’t you read up on it. It’s a pretty solid meme. In fact, I think it’s so solid that in the amount of time it takes to read about it, you will be solidly on board with it. And, if you’re part of the special 68%, you’ll will desire a t-shirt that features this fine psychedelic toad.

Need more inspiration? Watch Hypnotoad in action for 9:48 in the vid below. I’m telling you. It’s mesmerizing. You may change. You may do time in the Universal Mind.

I dig the combo of psychedelic eyes and the industrial drone. And the toad of infinity.

Obey the Hypnotoad T Shirt: Wanna Get Deep Into This After Enjoying a Hot Air Balloon?

Obey the Hypnotoad T Shirt
Photo by Alexander Solovyov

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I’d be remiss if I didn’t explore the obey part of this shirt. I think it goes all the way back the Shepard Fairey¬†Obey Giant street art. It’s also kind of got a socialist workers flag vibe with the stripes, which I’m not down with at all. Nevertheless, it’s a very pleasing looking design by Antonio Barbadifuoco.

And, it’s more about the toad rather than some totalitarian ideology. And, let’s face it, Hynotoad would totally be a beneficent dictator. Wise. Fair. Shit would be good under his rule. Problem is the dictatorship would run in the family and his eldest toad kid would be a jackass, and totally screw it all up, so people were starving in the streets.

That’s why we need capitalism and free markets. And, if you really look into Hypnotoad’s eyes, you will understand that on a cellular level.

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