No Drama Llama T Shirt

No Drama Llama T Shirt. I like this one. Simple. Concise. Clean. No drama llama. Keep it real. Keep it above board. Don’t get squirrely. Don’t go down gossipy, drama hell holes. I know it’s tempting to play out the trauma of your past, but learn from this fine creature and break the cycle.

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Peace bro llama, bro. Nice shades. You know sometimes though, you get virtue signalers, who act like they’re not into drama … that they’re are above it, but really their neck deep in lies, deceit,  power struggles, coercion, mind games, harassment, bullying, and general trash human behavior.

So, if you’re like this please don’t wear this shirt. Please wear some other shirt like an ASU Sun Devils tee. That would make more sense. Or, if you must, find other fine SnorgTees Reviews for your fashionable pleasure.

If you have done the work on yourself and you have a clean conscience, and a pure heart, then you most certainly should wear this one with pride and joy.

So, that is a video of the uncle of the model llama featured on the shirt. He’s a diva. He doesn’t like donkeys getting attention. But, he’s certainly not going to stop to their level and actually go get attention.

That should be given to him without having to work for it. Usually, drama runs in the family, so it’s super cool that our friend here got so much therapy, cleaned up his act, and is now drama free.

He should be celebrated.

No Drama Llama T Shirt

No Drama Llama T Shirt

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Need some more info about llamas before you make a purchasing decision. I get it. By all means complete your due diligence before making such an important life changing decision.

Only buying a house, getting married, and choosing toppings at Cold Stone Creamery are more critical to sustained contentment.