Nice or Naughty Scary Santa T Shirt (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Nice or Naughty Scary Santa T Shirt. Is that Skrillex? Or wait, what’s the name of the main character in Nightmare Before Christmas? Jack Skellington. Same thing. If you’re into cobwebs, skulls, skeletons, and shrunken heads from cannibal tribes in the West Indies, and some Christmas gear to top it off, then this tee is for you.

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If you prefer more of the clean, jolly side of the holidays of lights, then you probably want to see every Xmas Tee on offer on this page.

If this here tee is your cuppa tea, then I’m not to sure what to say about the current state of your soul. Dark, dirty, frayed on the edges. But, not irredeemable. Never totally lost. You can make it out of this place, I promise you. I’ve known plenty that have made it through to the dawn after the Dark Night of the Soul.

All l can do is wish you look and good will.

Hey, do you know who Jack Skellington was before he died. There are varying opinions on this mystery, and some bona fide conspiracy theories floating around.

You may never sleep until you’ve sufficiently settled the matter in your own mind.

This Nice or Naughty Scary Santa T Shirt Is For Those Of You Barely Holding On To Your End of the Year Sanity

Nice or Naughty Scary Santa T Shirt

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Sometimes you just gotta go Tim Burton creepy and weird. I think that very proactive step is suggested in the DSM-5, and Psychology Today. If you don’t think you can make it through the holidays alive and in one piece, you should inject a little Burton into your life.

Someday, you will probably be able to inject a little Burton into veins. Like the feeling of watching a Burton film is distilled in liquid form suitable for a little injection between your toes. Hell, you won’t even have to hide the tracks. Everybody will be injecting their favorite cinema essence.

Everybody will be blissed out movie vibe. I smell popcorn.