New Year Pug T Shirt: ‘Cuz You Love These Dogs All Year ‘Round

New Year Pug T Shirt. This design makes me laugh. That’s a funny looking dog with his Christmas sweater, Santa hat, and special Xmas sheets on his dog bed, sitting there smiling, making it look like he has a Groucho Marx moustache.

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I think it’s the moustache that’s really getting me. I know pug’s have those types of markings on their snouts, but the way this one looks with the huge anime eyes, and the exaggerated moustache tickles me.

I want to hang out in the same room as that dog. Not necessarily petting him and getting slobbered on, but him over there on his comfy bed and me on the couch bringing in the new year with a relaxing day off.

And, if I wore this fab shirt on New Year’s eve, maybe I went with an equally solid funny happy New Year’s t-shirt for Jan. 1.

I don’t own a pug, though this tee makes me think maybe that’s a mistake. I didn’t really realize the depth of pug culture. It’s like a legit movement. I think if it keeps going at the rate it is, a pug might be elected as the first actual dog to become President of the United States.

Never underestimate the power of groundswells. Things you can’t even imagine happening just manifest unannounced (to the uninitiated). In fact, I’m so confident this movement is going to continue growing, that I’m making a bold prediction.

By 2022, we will have our first pug sitting as a member of Congress. Book it.

Do you have any wild predictions about pugs. Make them in the comments below. Come on document your brilliance and prognostication skills now, so you can go back and say “I told ya so” later. It’s so gratifying.

New Year Pug T Shirt: The Puglife Found Me

New Year Pug T Shirt

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I didn’t find the pug life. Puglife found me. Represent this year. Hard. Out.