Never Judge a Book By Its Movie T Shirt

Never Judge a Book By Its Movie T Shirt. Nice wordplay here. You see usually the phrase goes never judge a book by its cover, meaning you need to actually read the book before making any informed judgement. Same can be said for never judging the book by the crappy movie that was loosely based on it.

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Take for instance … Where the Wild Things Are. Top 10 worst movies I’ve ever seen. It made me angry it was so pretentious and stupid. Good book though. So, dig in and really understand the deep themes Maurice Sendak explores in there.

Our culture breeds people that are too busy to read. This is not good. We still need a healthy coterie of readers to keep us honest. If you’re out of the habit, set aside 30 minutes a night to read. You’ll strengthen the muscle back up, and be knocking out huge novels in no time.

Start with Where the Wild Things Are. Plan to spend 5 hours total with it. Then, go see the movie. And judge the movie by the book, or any semblance of decency and you will develop a strong dislike of Spike Jonze and his entire body of work.

That’s how bad his interpretation of the book was. I liked Three Kings and Being John Malkovich, but after seeing that pile of garbage film, even those movies are on my shit list.

Wait, did you watch that video. That stupidity might be worse than Spike Jones, who, as you’ll recall, I liked, until he put out that movie that shall not be named any more.

Never Judge a Book By Its Movie T Shirt

Never Judge a Book By Its Movie T Shirt

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Never judge a shirt by its design either. Well, actually, that’s probably fine. I mean you probably also want to know about fit and softness and durability, but if it’s a graphic tee, design is probably consideration number one.

Speaking of which, I’ve judged all the Snorg Tees catalog harshly and came up with 60+ designs I really like.