Nerd Pixel Star Wars Christmas Sweater T Shirt

Nerd Pixel Star Wars Christmas Sweater T Shirt. It doesn’t get much more nerdy than this, but if you’re among nerd family and nerd friends, and you’re doing a Xmas Star Wars marathon with diapers, then it’s perfectly appropriate.

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If you’re reading this you probably already know there’s a site that has a database dedicated to Star Wars characters, planets, and vehicles.

Can you believe it? I certainly DID NOT look that up, so I could find the names of all the elements on this tee. I know Star Wars cold. Every little thing. Go ahead and test me. Ask. Really. Now. Just say it out loud wherever you currently sit. You’ll see.

Other than Star Wars, funny Xmas Tee Shirts are my passion, and I’ve shared the fruits of my labor for you and yours.

I’m telling you. I know my stuff.

  • Arc-170 Star Fighter.
  • AT-AT Walker (it’s like lo res so that one’s hard to call … am I right?)
  • Boba Fett’s helmet
  • Stormtroopers
  • Tauntaun
  • Hearts and snowflakes (not necessarily Star Wars specific)

Nerd Pixel Star Wars Christmas Sweater T Shirt

Nerd Pixel Christmas Sweater T-Shirt (Star Wars)

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Sometimes I find myself in awe of the process of developing an epic series of movies. Star Wars in probably the pinnacle of this process and George Lucas deserves huge props for having a massive vision, believing in the vision, executing on the vision, and succeeding. These are not easy things to do.

Sometimes it’s hard on a much smaller scale. Like I had a vision of the absolute longest I would allow my nails to grow. I wrote it down in my journal. But, lo and behold, I kept putting the trim session off over and over, until I looked like Anton Lavey’s lackey. Surprised I didn’t have vipers coming out of my nose.

But, what I’m really trying to say, and no one has ever said this before, so hold on to your butt …

Star Wars is epic. Period.