My New Year’s Resolution Date Loose Women T Shirt

My New Year’s Resolution Date Loose Women T Shirt. Alright, now we’re getting somewhere. Let’s shake some shit up. So what if your wife isn’t pleased with your choice of shirts. In a weird way, it’s a compliment. She’s not loose. Congrats wifey.

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Wait, I’m not implying that she’s frigid and neither are you. Just that she hasn’t even made eye contact with you for 7.5 years. It’s cool. There’s the kids. The mortgage. Power through. But wear the shirt for kicks. Ha ha. The wife probably won’t even notice since she can’t even stand to see your silhouette from a distance.

Now, really, before we go on, if this is going to cause too much trouble, you should probably look for a different New Year’s tee option. There are plenty to choose from.

So, there was a talk show called Loose Women in 2009-10. And they talked about New Year’s Eve. I embedded it in this post, because the topicality is like a 10.3 on a scale of 10. Unbelievable. Perfect.

Let’s get back to the story, but first let me say, I was mistaken. You’re not married. You’re single and ready to mingle and this shirt lets all the lovely available ladies know. It’s just easier to get this out up front.

So, no, do you have a boyfriend/husband convo. Who you with? Etc. If she approaches she’s interested. Just don’t screw it up with a long drawn out story about the best bass fishing trip you ever had where you almost caught the big one.

No, talk in sexy hushed tones about being a rebel. And wanting a rebel gal. And then do a rebel yell. And say, “let’s get out of here.”

“By the way, do you have a license?” You don’t have to tell her you never got one because parallel parking was too overwhelming. Just go with the mystery. She’ll be like maybe he committed vehicular manslaugher.

I want this hunk of love.

My New Year’s Resolution Date Loose Women T Shirt … And Pretend I’m a Loner Criminal With a Touch of Sensitivity

My New Year’s Resolution Date Loose Women T Shirt

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