My Blood Type is IPA+ T Shirt

My Blood Type is IPA+ T Shirt. I’m a dark beer for St. Patty’s Day kind of guy, but I get it. If you are an IPA fan, you probably need to get this shirt and wear it on March 17 to let everybody know. Nothing but respect from me.

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Now that I think about it IPA stands for India Pale Ale, which was originally imported from Britain to India. There is no Ireland mentioned there, so is this even a Saint Patty’s shirt. Maybe I should save talking about this one until that special Indian holiday that’s widely celebrated in the U.S. You know the one.

Hare Krishna day. When we all go drink IPA’s in airports. Is that reference too old for you? Might be. I’m old. Look it up.

Now, here’s a tutorial for how to make green beer. Very involved so drop everything you are doing and pay attention. Just swap the Budweiser in the vid with real beer like a microbrewed IPA.

Wait, if you like this shirt are you a beer snob? What’s going on with this? One thing I do know is the shirt is green and it talks about beer so it will be accepted as a St. Patty’s Day T Shirt. That’s what’s so beautiful about this holiday. So accepting. Open arms. Sloppy kisses. Crisp pinches. Ahhhhh.

My Blood Type is IPA+ T Shirt: She Has Leprechaun Ears and Green Beads and a Shamrock. Approved!

My Blood Type is IPA+ T Shirt
Photo by Steven Beger Photography ( Productions)

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Do you think anybody has ever injected beer into their veins? Probably. I wonder what happens. Probably not much unless it’s a lot, then probably lots of terrible things happen.

Anybody have any stories like this? Leave them in the comments. I need to know. I don’t want to contribute to a known problem. I don’t want to encourage the kids to take IPA’s in intravenously.