Murica Eagle T Shirt

‘Murica Eagle T Shirt. This is a solid effort at a patriotic tee. The fireworks. The Eagle. The endearing misspelling of America. Perfect. Nothing to flashy. Just a solid shout out to the best country on God’s green Earth.

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I’m in celebration mode for the U.S. I think we are going through a great upheaval, and once we get to the other side, the swamp will be drained, and, perhaps, we’ll get back to being a functional Constitutional Republic rather than an a trash oligarchy, ruled by the permanent class and globalists in the government.

Damn. I’m excited for the next few weeks and months. Dominoes are falling. People bailing ship. Andy McCabe is out at the FBI. This is such great news I don’t even know what to do with myself. Should have happened months ago (well years ago), but better late than never. Maybe they were waiting for him to produce more meta data to nail him.

He’s not going to be the only one at the FBI. That agency is corrupt beyond belief. Maybe the rank and file can save it, but it’s going to take a really good scrubbing. I’m not sure I even have faith in Director Christopher Wray. He could be a swamp thing as well.

I love Lionel. He gets a little carried away with his thesaurus-like vocabulary, but he’s funny, astute, and is always on the important stories. Watch him. Subscribe. Join the Lionel Nation.

‘Murica Eagle T Shirt: We’re Coming Back (MAGA!!!!!)

Murica Eagle T-Shirt

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Wear this shirt proudly. Make sure you have a closet full of funny America T Shirts. You’re going to want one for every day of the week at least. This wild ride is going to go on for at least a few years. And, it could get ugly, and your shirts could get soiled, so stock up.