Mullet Over T Shirt

Mullet Over T Shirt. For some reason I think of Brian Bosworth when I look at this fine design. He didn’t have orange hair, but he was certainly rocking a gorgeous blonde mullet all the men and boys envied.

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I’m not lying about The Boz. Dig this video. Stone Cold!!!!!!!!

Mullet Over T Shirt: Glorious Orange Mullet On a Thinking Man

Mullet Over T Shirt

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Again, I’m a sucker for wordplay, and there’s no way I’m ignoring a man with a spiky orange mullet. It can’t be done.

Is he thinking about science principles? Gravity? Is an apple going to fall on his head? Is he coming up with a new quantum computing idea, so the common family can have one of those babies in their den?

Is he deeply pondering what he ate that caused him to have that spotty skin condition? Or maybe how to live a relatively normal life despite the hordes of women that throw themselves at him every time he steps outside.

Or maybe he’s trying to decode the last Q Anon post. Is this a real dude? How close is he to the President? Is he speaking truth in code? Is the swamp about to be drained? Has the Deep State met its match? Is the Seat of Government being returned to the duly elected.

Or maybe he’s like … I can’t believe I just dropped that dumbbell on my toe. I’m not going to scream but that hurt real bad. I wonder if anybody in this gym noticed. I might lose a bit of my mythical status if they did.

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