Mister Patriotic Cat T Shirt

Mister Patriotic Cat T Shirt. That certainly is a patriotic cat. Gets me in the mood to love this country. Look at how he risks his balance to spread the flag wide. It’s amazing. And, amongst all the other rockets too. Brave, brave patriotic cat.

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My cat is not this patriotic. Or maybe he is, but just doesn’t have the skills to present it like the one on this fine shirt. Certainly possible. Maybe when I get up in the morning and he attacks my leg ’til it bleeds, he’s saying “I like your true blue blood, so I’m going to shed some.”

Or maybe when he’s screaming to go outside for the 93rd time that day, he’s saying “I want to breath the air of freedom.”

Or when he’s peeing all over the wall near his litter box, he’s trying to spray a little USA-loving graffiti on the wall like “hell yeah ‘Murica!”

Or when he refuses to eat anything but wet food, he’s really just acknowledging the abundant wealth and opportunity we enjoy.

You never know with these cats. Well you do with the highly evolved kitty on the t-shirt, but for the regular cats among us, it’s hard to really tell.

It’s just a different perspective. Maybe in the video above the cat is like. You’re sleep walking letting the hard left take over the country. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! Get your blood flowing. Let’s go fight for freedom!

Mister Patriotic Cat T Shirt: That Looks Like a Freedom Loving Feline If I Ever Saw One.

Mister Patriotic Cat T Shirt
Photo by kschlot1

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That cat has good taste in music too. Johnny Cash and Hank Williams.

I wonder if his taste for fine America T Shirts is as good? What about you? Only way to find out is to check out the amazing collection I’ve put together.