Mimosas Please and Thank You T Shirt

Mimosas Please and Thank You T Shirt. It’s that Sunday morning brunch feeling. Get up late. Laze around. Text a few friends and out the door on Sunday time. Maybe you’re nursing a hangover from Saturday. If so, mimosa is just what you need.

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Champagne and orange juice. Who figured that out? Probably a champagne bottle sitting on the table from the night before. Woman gets up hugging her shoulders because she’s chilly. Goes to the fridge. Grabs a glass of orange juice. Sits at the counter. There’s a bottle just sitting there staring at her. It was properly recorked so maybe it’s not totally flat.

Why not? It’s Sunday and no work, but there isn’t much planned, so here goes. She discovers it’s pretty damn good. But, she keeps this knowledge under wraps.

The next week she sets up a little pancake breakfast gathering with her buddies. She pours the orange juice, then pulls out a bottle of champagne and pops the cork. Her friends are shocked and gasp. She says “bear with me. You’ll understand soon enough.”

Boom. They all love it … a little too much. It gets very sloppy by Sunday afternoon. There’s boob flashing. Inappropriate grind dancing. Much cursing. High fives. Basically, it’s become like a saloon during the gold rush.

These are Italian women. Monica is trying to express how drunk she is by exclaiming mama mia, but it comes out mimosa. Sophia hears this slurring attempt and can’t stop laughing. Mimosa. Mimosa. Alas, a new drink with new name is born.

As you can see. It’s legal to serve mimosas in New York. It used to be illegal to serve alcohol that early, but not any more. It’s a mimosa revolution.

Brunch. Brunch. Brunch Time. Mimosas Please and Thank You T Shirt

Mimosas Please and Thank You T Shirt

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