Middle Finger Santa Hat T Shirt For When You’re Not Feeling It

Middle Finger Santa Hat T Shirt. Well now isn’t that some kind greeting. And it’s the holidays. You couldn’t just hold that in. Punch the pillow in the bed in the basement of our mother’s condo. Come on. Think of the children. The poor innocent children.

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Impromptu poll. Answer in the comments below. Would you wear this fuck off in a Santa hat shirt to a place where kids, lets say under 13, would see it. Yes. No. Maybe. Depends on how hard I’ve given up at the time.

If you would never wear this shirt, not even to a strip club, or monster truck mud bash, then I have no idea how you are reading this right now. You should probably quickly click this link and see all of the wholesome Xmas t-shirt options I have gathered just for you.

I nearly forgot about that jubilant clip from Mr. Garrison. He sure gets around the world trying to share the good news and cheer of Christmas.

Hey, if you’re into all this downer Xmas stuff, this article featuring the darker side of the holidays will probably butter your bread.

Middle Finger Santa Hat T Shirt: You Wonder Who That One Is Aimed At.

Middle Finger Santa Hat T-Shirt

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It’s big and bold and ugly, and really says “fuck you” like only a meaty middle finger can. I guess the question still stands. Does person hate the holidays and all those reveling in Christmas spirit. Or is he standing up for Xmas and saying if you don’t like this bastardized Christian holiday you are not American so get out.

Can’t really tell from the image, so all we can do is speculate. I suppose if you buy the shirt and wear it around, you can have your own story about what you mean by it. I suggest you do come up with that before hitting the streets. You want a well rehearsed bit to keep people from calling the jocund police.