Mew Year Resolutions T Shirt: Kitty Writes Important Thoughts on White Board

Mew Year Resolutions T Shirt. So the validity of this shirt design rests on one thing. Can Mew represent a sound a cat makes? Thoughts? We all no meow, but mew. I guess it’s a little less boisterous sound that cats make. Maybe when they’re sleepy and maybe a little hungry, and they say “hi.”

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I’ve talked myself into Mew being legit cat speak, thus I can highly recommend this shirt and it’s exquisite wordplay.

Now, about the resolutions this cat put together. I would not call those stretch goals. Those are kind of squishy, half-assed “improvements” of things she already does.

Now, if she had written, learn basic algebra, or become fluent in Swahili, then we know we’re dealing with a serious feline.

But, these resolutions. I’m not impressed.

Just kidding. It’s totally cute and great. Look at those fireworks in the background. Happy New Year. Let me do some cute resolutions that will help you to realize I’m cute and my indoor cat life is cute. Yay.

But, really, she needs to work on the resolutions.

If cat resolutions are not your thing (but why are you here if they aren’t), then you should probably look at the rest of the fine novelty New Years tshirts I have found.

Mew Year Resolutions T Shirt: Damn That Cat Has Good Penmanship

Mew Year Resolutions T-Shirt

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The word penmanship sort of makes me laugh. It’s antiquated. People don’t talk about penmanship any more, except to lament that since they only write something with pen and paper like once every three weeks, their penmanship has gone to hell.

Looks like an ox with a crayon trying to write a love letter to a willow tree. But that cat is very proud of her handwriting. Clear, clean, and consistent. She should be proud of her jokes and her handwriting skills. Very impressive cat.