Merry Krampus T Shirt: St. Nick’s Evil Counterpart

This Merry Krampus T Shirt, brings to light that Saint Nick had a demonic counterpart. That’s weird when you first think about it. Especially, if your only conception of Saint Nick is the cartoonish Santa Claus.

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The Krampus has come into the public consciousness in the last decade or so as the wave of Christmas goofiness washes over us. Ugly sweaters, funny Xmas t-shirts, dirty Santa jokes, and now a dash of evil with the Krampus.

But, back in the day, I think this Christmas duality was a legit dose of good and evil mythology that reminds people of the existence of both, and the need for vigilance.

The end of the year is a great time for deeply embedded lessons manifested in stories. One thinks back to their achievements and failings, and brings into account the balance of the positivity or negativity they brought into the world.

And, yes, it’s scary, especially for children, but just as with the original fairy tales, there’s a deep seated purpose and a millenia of wisdom packed into those things.

According to this article, folks in Germany and Austria still celebrate the tradition of Krampus by whipping paraders with Birch sticks and doing long-tongued demony things. Like legit welt-inducing whacks. That’s cool. They also use the Krampus to keep the kids in line. “If you don’t behave this year, the Krampus is going to hit you with sticks or even abduct you and take you to hell.”

As a child, if you see these threats acted out on Main St. you may pause before stealing that pack of gum or throwing that rock through the barn window of your least favorite neighbor.

Wear This Merry Krampus T Shirt and Scare the Bejeezus Out of the Children

Merry Krampus T Shirt

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Love the detail on this shirt. Mistletoe, the long tongue and horns. The whipping sticks, and the terrified children, who really blew it with their untoward behavior throughout the year.l