Merry Extinction Dinosaur Meteor T Shirt

Merry Extinction Dinosaur Meteor T Shirt. It may say something about the blackness of my soul that this is my absolute favorite Xmas tee design. It’s so damn funny. Pour dinos were ready to receive their gifts with a once in a lifetime encounter with Santa, but instead … kablooey.

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What else can I say about this design. I have seen my fair share of great, funny Christmas Tee designs, but this one tops them all. There’s an joyous innocence of enjoying Xmas. Wearing colorful scarves and Santa hats. Decorating the tree. Still believing in Santa. And, being super stoked by seeing something streak across the sky.

But, really it’s a meteorite or meteoroid or meteor or asteroid. What’s the official definition here, I’m not sure. Instead of Santa it’s imminent flooding, fires, death, and extinction. And this historic moment is captured in this design.

It reminds me of the fragility of life. To live each day like it’s my last. To appreciate the little moments of bliss. To love my friends and family. And to realize that it’s all going to end quite horribly.

This is like the essence of existential philosophy distilled in one simple t-shirt image. Brilliant.

Merry Extinction Dinosaur Meteor T Shirt

Merry Extinction Dinosaur Meteor T Shirt

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Might as well eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we could die instantaneous from a massive space rock impact. You ever listen to Graham Hancock on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He teams up with Randall Carlson to talk about meteors causing mass extinction on this planet, and how it can happen again. Freaks me out.

Hancock thinks we should have an army of scientists figuring out how to shoot meteorites out of the sky to save our planet. Can you really argue? Earth moves into this space debris belt quite often, and it’s a wonder getting blasted only happens every few 1000 years. We’re due.

Merry Christmas!