Merry Dusty Christmas T Shirt (My Neighbor Tortoro Sootballs)

Merry Dusty Christmas T Shirt. My Neighbor Tortoro makes another appearance on the list. Unbelievable the popularity of this show. This shirt features those adorable little Sootballs, getting all cheerleader on us, and forming a Sootball Christmas Tree.

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What is your favorite character in this show? Is it Sootball? I find the name Sootball pretty funny actually. Pretty dirty. Actually, doesn’t the word soot make it in the classic Xmas tale: Twas the Night Before Christmas?

I feel like Santa gets soot on himself coming down the chimney. If true, this is like the most appropriate festive Xmas shirt you can find. And believe me, I’ve seen a lot of them as you can see here.

Yes, indeed, the video above is a DIY tutorial on how to make Sootball ornaments. I think it’s more intended for your costume at the next cosplay convention, but I don’t see why you could also put it on your Christmas tree.

How much do you really know about My Neighbor Tortoro? If you’re a hardcore fan you probably are a fount of knowledge on the subject, able to wow dinner parties for hours with tales of creation and minutiae of production.

And quoting verbatim your favorite scenes. A person like that is probably begged to attend all the cool parties. You’re like a walking, talking entertainment human. Amazing.

Merry Dusty Christmas T Shirt: Sootballs Save Christmas, Again

Merry Dusty Christmas T-Shirt

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This isn’t the first time they’ve banded together to save a holiday. Remember that Easter, when the neighborhood didn’t have any eggs to color? Sure you do. The sootballs came up with that ingenious plan to dye themselves all the pastel colors they could think of, and mimic Easter eggs on the lawn and in the bushes of the community center.

That was awesome. And, here, of course, everybody forgot to get a Xmas tree ’til last minute, and when they went out to get one there were none available. So, once again the sootballs worked up some magic and performed a holiday bailout.

Luckily, they only had to hold that position for 72 hours. Even for a sootball that gets excruciating after a while.