Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal T Shirt (Home Alone)

This Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal T Shirt obviously is in homage to the classic Xmas movie: Home Alone. And, of course, that line, is actually a line from a movie being watched within the movie.

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I know that’s complicated, but if you take it apart in digestable chunks it will totally make sense and you will automatically want to own this fine garment.

If you get your friends and family in a room, and put all your heads together, and the details around this shirt don’t add up, then think about pivoting and checking out a ton of different Christmas T Shirts.

It is confusing. I’m not going to lie. The story about how the old gangster movie, Angels With Filthy Souls, wasn’t a real movie, but a movie that the Home Alone creators also created. A movie within a movie if you will. It’s fascinating and mind blowing, and hard to follow for non-obsessed Macaulay Culkin fans.

Wear This Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal T Shirt When You’re Holiday Conflicted

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal T-Shirt

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If you have people in your life that you dislike a great deal, but you can’t help but see them over Christmas, just wear this shirt. When you see them, point to it. If they nod in approval, shake your head and say, “no, I’m not sharing a poignant moment with you about a scene in a movie we both admire. I’m calling you a filthy animal in a festive way to show I still hate your guts, but it hasn’t consumed me so completely that I can’t be festive.”

If this somehow offends the disagreeable cretin, then calmly slap them with your leather glove (preferably Isotoner) and tell them that if this was the 20th Century you’d be dueling at dawn, but since it’s today, they can just accept the slap, and STFU … and be cool no matter how basically impossible that is for them.