Merica Drinkin’ Booze and Refusing to Lose T Shirt

Merica Drinkin’ Booze and Refusing to Lose T Shirt. It’s true that America was drinking booze in the early days. Not sure you can attribute our winning ways to the drink 100%, but there probably something to having a release valve embedded in the culture.

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You can credit the European blood for the taste for alcohol. The consumption per person in the 1770s was higher than it is today. Drinking was an all-day every day affair with hard cider, etc. It’s slowed down over the years, probably as people become more health conscious and compartmentalizing tying one on to weekends and holidays.

Still, it’s part of the culture, particularly among the most patriotic.

It is an interesting phenomenon. There’s a freedom loving “do what I want” mixed with the duty to uphold those freedoms to the point of fighting for them. It’s a fascinating brew.

And, I thank God for the patriots that can drink a beer and can express gratitude for being the luckiest son of bitch on the planet being born in the greatest country on Earth.

Of course, that Billy Buck in the video above could stand to cut down on the beers in order to address that prodigious gut, which isn’t going to serve his health well. But, hell, he seems super energetic and in flow, which probably has more beneficial benefits than being a teetotaler.

‘Merica Drinkin’ Booze and Refusing to Lose T Shirt: The Flag Will Not Be Hidden in Darkness

Merica Drinkin' Booze and Refusing to Lose T Shirt
Photo by termie

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It’s going to be a rough patch over the next few years, as we cut out the rot in our system. The Deep State/Shadow Government/Permanent Bureaucracy is going to fight it every step of the way.

Keep the faith. Believe in this amazing experiment in individual rights. And, go USA!

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