Meow For Freedom T Shirt

Meow for Freedom T Shirt. Pretty epic shirt. The cat rising from the hills with the safety goggles with the American flag blowing in the reflection. And the gerbil riding a chopper with an American flag doo rag. Going so fast he’s making flames.

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What are the deeper meanings of this shirt though? What was the designer really trying to say? What’s the message hidden in plain view? I’m going to throw out some theories. See what you think.

The American flag can unite us even if we’re sworn mortal enemies driven by biological urges to eat the lesser prey. Or safety goggles are the most American accessory you can wear, so wear them. Or whenever there’s a bald eagle overhead remember to duck because there’s bound to be a lightning storm.  Or glory hallelujah. Thank God for the land of the free. Even the animals do what they want.

For some reason that gerbil reminded me of this clip:

Except the opposite. Because that mean man was killing all the little creatures in his path. Anyways, Americans do have a love affair with motorcycles.

Meow for Freedom T Shirt: Cats Are the Stars of Everything These Days

Meow for Freedom T Shirt
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This is the type of sophisticated artwork where you know you haven’t taken in everything the first few times you study it. It takes time. It’s so rich and full of beauty that you can’t really understand it fully. It might take years of wearing the shirt, and having conversations about it with others to know this shirt on a deeper level.

Are you willing to take the challenge? To commit to years of hard looking? It’s worth it, but it’s not for everybody.

In fact, if this tee is a little too intimidating I have found other ‘Merica shirts that aren’t as detailed. That will take less of your etheric force to figure out. See them here.