May the 4th Be With You T Shirt

May the 4th Be With You T Shirt. Star Wars. May 4. A slight lisp. Yes! Let’s celebrate. Are you a big fan? Then, you probably need to own this tee right now. It perfectly sums it up, but it’s subdued. I mean I like a light saber fight as much as the next person. But, sometimes you just need stars and special yellow lettering.

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What’s your favorite Star Wars movie? Let me know in the comments. I’m starting to have a hard time keeping track at this point. I don’t even know if I’ve seen them all. Wait, did I just out myself as a fraud. Probably. I mean I was alive when the originals came out, so I’m too old to keep track of what’s going on now.

I mean, aren’t they producing one every three weeks now? Based on like fan fiction and Gramma’s tales of standing in line in May 1977 for the premier of A New Hope.

This Han Solo film looks pretty good to me. I think I’m definitely going to need to see that.

May the 4th Be With You T Shirt: Here’s Luke Trying to Figure Out His Daddy Issues

May the 4th Be With You T Shirt
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Star Wars is so popular because it dives deep into the fundamental war between good and evil. It’s the heroes journey on the big screen. It’s slaying your dragons. Being willing to meet and rise above challenges. It’s the epic struggle that is human life.

And, there’s super cool spaceships, and crazy ugly monsters, and good looking people. It has it all. George Lucas really put something together here. Quite amazing.

Let’s celebrate May the Fourth. This sort of storytelling is certainly worth it.

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