Making Spirits Bright T Shirt

Making Spirits Bright T Shirt. Some people aren’t around family so they turn to alcohol for companionship during the holidays. If done properly, it’s awesome, especially if the booze comes with friends.

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What’s extra funny about this design is that it looks like the aftermath of a Peanuts Christmas party. Like after they did all the wholesome dancing around Charlie’s pathetic tree, they snuck out back and started totally boozing with a keg and jungle punch. 

If celebrating over-consumption of alcohol is not your idea of a good holiday time, then I can assure you at least 4% of the other funny Christmas t shirts I found do not focus on that. 

Jenna Marbles everyone. That takes the Xmas spirits to a whole new level. Trying to emulate all those amazing Pinterest crafters by creating holiday themed knick knacks except with an added degree of difficulty: being drunk. 

I’m not sure that’s an example of making spirits bright. It’s more like glue, glitter, and baking don’t mix with too much to drink. But, still it’s funny.

Let’s Get Into the Detail on the Making Spirits Bright T Shirt

Making Spirits Bright T Shirt

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They strung the keg with the big-bulbed Xmas lights. I can imagine that happening like this …

“Dude go get those lights from the hedges across the street and string them around the keg so we can see the keg stands better. It will be epic.”

Terry: “Uh. Ok.”

Guy weaves across the street. Somehow unplugs the string without being seen, and starts to collect his booty, discovering that those damn big bulbs get super hot. So, now, we’ve got cursing and hopping and transferring of lights from one arm to the other. Probably 3rd degree burns that will be an oozing, painful mess in the morning.

All the friends dying with laughter. One chortle jag, actually causing Nathan to puke behind the tree where everyone can still see him. 

So, Terry strings the lights around the keg, but they realize they don’t have an extension cord and there’s no way Terry’s going on another mission, so it’s wrapped but not lit, which increases the danger of drunk people breaking bulbs and cutting themselves, while not really ramping up the spirits. That’s not true. Everybody is totally in a great mood after witnessing Terry’s misfortune. 

Anyway, they start leaving the empties around the keg like gifts under the tree. 

And the crowning achievement, of course, is the star on top of the tap. Just like a Christmas tree.