Make Tacos Not War T Shirt

Make tacos not war t shirt. Pretty good advice wouldn’t you say. That’s why you should have it on a shirt. To remind yourself and those around you. That good food with families and friends is war it is at, while useless, never ending wars that enrich the elite are garbage.

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I honestly believe that Donald Trump is our best bet to get out of all the wars: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., etc. He gets it. He sees that the chaos of war opens up ratlines for the dirtiest players to trade illicitly the drugs, organs, and sex slaves. It’s so horrific as to not be believable. But, it is the case, and it has been going on a long time.

Plus, let’s not forget the clandestine wars in all the other countries we the people, the citizens of the United States don’t even know we’re paying for. It’s all a sham. And you have to wonder about any Congressman that stands up there and says we must have boots on the ground in Syria.

Follow the money. Who are they getting paid by to escalate another nauseating conflagration?

Why are all these Congressman coming out of their stints of public service as multimillionaires? That job doesn’t pay that well, unless you’re hooked into the war machine tit.

That’s one of my favorite anti war songs. Gets you in the mood to ask questions. To fight the bullshit narrative of main stream media and those think pretend to know what’s best for you and the country.

And I ask what for now
Why me, why war?
And i ask what for now
Vietnam War?

Well, we all know what for. LBJ was quoted as saying he couldn’t end the war because to many of his buddies were making too much money. Can’t just go and cut off war profiteering for no good reason.

What better way to transport profitable drugs than in the dead bodies of young American soldiers?

War’s No Good. Tacos are Delicious. You Know the Drill.

tacos not war photo
Photo by The DLC

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I’m not sure if I should be fired up and run out in the street screaming anti war slogans, or satiate my hunger for tacos. It’s kinda confusing.

Well, I know one thing for sure. There are a lot of amazing taco shirts right here.