Make Christmas Great Again T Shirt (Donald Trump)

Make Christmas Great Again T Shirt (Donald Trump). If you’re in to saying Merry Christmas, rather than the milquetoast happy holidays (so as not to offend), then this President Trump Xmas tee that looks like a sweater is for you. 

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Not the most flattering picture of the President to use with the message. I guess it does portray that he means business. He’s not taking any shit from the Deep State or anyone else, but the designer might have used a little softer image for this one. Maybe the Donald standing with his wife with a Santa hat on in the festively decorated White House.

By the way if you don’t like mixing politics and holidays, this probably isn’t the shirt for you, but I have plenty more Christmas Tshirts (funny) for you to browse.

Look at the wreaths on all the windows in the White House. You know the President knows how to throw a Christmas party. More importantly, he knows how utterly destructive PC culture can be. And, he fights it at every chance. Say what you want about the guy, but he’s doing what he said he would do, and he genuinely is fighting political correctness, which corrosive to individual liberties and freedom.

If you don’t want the thought and speech police knocking down your door for an off-color joke you made in the privacy of your own home, you better start standing with President Trump in this fight right now. Because that’s where this ends up. You in the gulag and millions dead. Totalitarianism is never good.

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Make Christmas Great Again T-Shirt (Donald Trump)

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You know what? I’ve changed my mind. This is the best way to portray Trump, as he fights for Western culture and civilization. It’s a war, and we need a fighter at the top, who is willing to say “Merry Christmas.”