Link In a Meteor Shower T Shirt

Link In a Meteor Shower T Shirt. Gotta be honest. Don’t know my Legend of Zelda, but I do know that’s Link and a meteor. Does that happen during game play, or is it an actual image of the meteor shower over Detroit?

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So, I was inspired to do this post because there was a meteor that broke up in the atmosphere over Michigan. People reporting their roofs getting hammered with debris in Detroit. That’s kind of crazy.

I would freak out if I saw that unless I had my special sword like Link does. Then I would be calm as could be because I could slice that meteor into bits or even granules and have my own beach 5 miles inland of Lake Sinclair.

No but really. I would think the weather seeding planes had put one ton too many of aluminum particulate in the sky and something blew up. Or perhaps the invisible fighter jets taking night test runs collided. That’s where my mind goes. Just the most likely scenarios. Meteor is like fifth on the list.

But, it’s certainly there because I, like most curious folk, listen to Graham Hancock talk about the threat of space debris causing another cataclysmic event on Earth, and that the Department of Defense should be spending a lot of money on defense system for the inevitable occurrence.

Detroit Meteor 2018 T Shirt: This Tee Will Remind You of the Momentous Event for the Rest of Your Life

Detroit Meteor 2018 T Shirt

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Look it doesn’t say Detroit or 2018, but it’s the most beautiful meteor design you will see on a shirt, so if you’re thinking meteor tee, this is the one you should get. Unless you’re into Legend of Zelda. If so, then you should get the fine design above.

I specialize in finding the most funny t shirts. That’s why you should really go deep into the bowels of this site. You will find some nuggets. That was the most disgusting analogy ever.