Let’s Get Ready To Stumble T Shirt

Let’s Get Ready To Stumble T Shirt. Classic wordplay on the iconic Michael Buffer pre-fight microphone call rumble. Excellent. Beautiful as a St. Patty’s shirt, because you’re going to war on your motor functions. You’re going to war fighting for your right to party.

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I like this one a lot. Simple design. Funny words. Great shamrock. Perfect funny St. Patrick’s Day t shirt. Right? Do you agree? Am I crazy?

It’s also funny because it seems eminent. Like the stumbling is happening in a couple of minutes. But, my feeling is you’re announcing this with your buddies early on. Nary a drink has touched your lips. You’re just so excited to tie one on in celebration of the St. Paddy’s that you yell this out in unison with the crew. It’s funny. It’s a war cry. Brain cells will die tonight.

Dignity will pass away. One or more of us may be in jail by the time it’s over. This is serious business. Who’s in?

Let’s Get Ready To Stumble T Shirt: She’s Two Shots Away From Stumbling Off What May Be a Moving Float. Could Get Ugly.

Let's Get Ready To Stumble T Shirt
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Just make sure you’re not stumbling alone. Because there’s nothing sadder than a person stumbling down the street by themselves. No friends. Muttering. Veering toward the street. Maybe doing unintended somersaults in parking lots. No bueno.

You need to another person with you, so you can take turns picking each other up, while continuously laughing. That’s where it’s at. That’s why the shirt says “Let’s” rather than I’m getting ready.

This needs to be a celebratory group effort, until you’re safely passed out in a friend’s house. Or at least an acquaintance. Or maybe the bare minimum requirement is that the owner of the house knows you’re there, and doesn’t wake up to like five drunk smelly strangers spread out in disarray in the living room.

Here’s why the Irish drink so much.