Let 2018 Be the Non-Cursed Timeline T Shirt

Let 2018 Be the Non-Cursed Timeline T Shirt. Confessional. I have no idea what this shirt is referencing. Does anybody know what this means? Help a brother out. I’m a pop culture info god, but sometimes even the gods let things slip through the cracks. 

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Please. Help me. Why is nobody helping me? You know the tip about singling people out when calling for help. Right? No, well, let me tell you. If you step in a bear trap in the middle of Central Park, while your doing sprints barefoot in the grass, because you need to maintain your sexy beastness. You need help. But, you don’t have your phone because beasts don’t carry mobile phones with them when they are exercising.

So you start yelling for help indiscriminately. But, nobody is helping. Waves of people are swooshing by but no good Samaritan. Why? Because everyone thinks someone else will take care of it.

What you need to do is point at the dude in the yellow windbreaker and say “hey dude in the yellow windbreaker … nice yellow windbreaker. I need some help and you’re just the man for the job. Please call 911. My foot is mangled pork chowder right now, and I need emergency medical attention.

Now, yellow windbreaker dude is on the spot. He has been called out. If he ignores this simple request, he’s a total dick, and his future children won’t love him. Now, most likely, you’re going to get some results.

I tell you this very helpful anecdote to highlight the fact that I need help from you person in the blue shirt. Yes, you with the abundance of green eyeliner. I need you to tell me what the hell this shirt is all about.

Okay. The 80s looking design made me think of Stranger Things, and I know there’s a lot of weird stuff happening in that show. I mean, of course, I’ve seen every episode. So, maybe there’s a cursed timeline there. No? Yes? Maybe.

Let 2018 Be the Non-Cursed Timeline T Shirt: And If You Don’t Tell Me What This Shirt Means You and Your Mama Will Be Cursed

Let 2018 Be the Non-Cursed Timeline T Shirt

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