Lent Definition T Shirt

Lent Definition T Shirt. This is a funny one. I don’t observe Lent, but I can imagine taking 40 days off from something can be a struggle, so you should choose which of your addictions you can manage to skip for over a month.

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Prayer. Fasting. Works of love. I grew up a Christian and never paid attention to Lent at all. My dad was a Protestant preacher, and he didn’t go for all that Catholic stuff. No ashes on the forehead, or incense, or confession booths.

Some of the ritual seems cool (from afar). I don’t really want to sit in a cathedral and listen to a dude go on and on, while singing and kneeling and being whacked in the head by the incense mace. And getting dunked in Holy water.

But, I’m actually drifting back to my Christian roots, thanks to Jordan Peterson and his Biblical lecture series.

40 days is quite a long time to lay off something. There is something very powerful with sacrifice and denial of earthly pleasures. It can sharpen the mind. It can help you be more grateful. And it can lead to living a more healthy life.

But, let’s not get crazy. I’M NOT GIVING UP MEATLOAF AND BEER FOR 40 DAYS. Geez! Fine I won’t eat hard candy or drink wine. But, you’re out of your mind if you think I’m not eating chocolate. I’ll keep it to non-flavored chocolate with high cocoa content. Like 75% or higher. That sounds Lentish.

Lent Definition T Shirt – Not Sure What These Purple Ice Cream Treats Have to Do With Lent, But Let’s Go With It.

Lent Definition T Shirt
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Do I get credit if I throw in things I hate as stuff I’m abstaining from for Lent? Like hard alcohol? Meth? Rough anal sex? Actually, I don’t know if I hate a couple of those things because I’ve not experienced them, but I’m assuming.

Hey, all of the funny Easter shirts you could hope to feast your post-Lent eyes on.