Leg Day T Shirt

Leg Day T Shirt. Squats are such a big thing in the culture. Big asses rule. So, you need to have a shirt that celebrates that particular day at the gym. Right? Lemme get inside baseball or rather weightlifting on this design. That’s a leg of poultry. Weightlifters eat meat. A chicken leg is meat. So, there you go. Get it.

Get It!

Did you know there are Twitter accounts devoted to girls that do leg squats at the gym on a regular basis, and, thus, have muscular bubble butts. I try to visit those cyber neighborhoods, but on occasion, if you take a wrong turn, you find yourself clinching your own buttocks hoping that you escape unscathed by the moral turpitude of your unintentional, hopefully temporary surroundings you find yourself floundering in.

Look I don’t condone these types of Youtube channels,  inappropriately flaunting out-sized parts. But you have to know what we’re dealing with if you’re going to stand up against it.

Look, that whole thing where she mixes pistol squats and burpees is pretty damn impressive, but that’s not the point I’m getting at right here. I’m trying to make an overarching point about morality. What it boils down to is you need to wear this goofy ass shirt, because it is funny.

And, if chicken legs aren’t your fashion style, then you should probably be asking yourself some more probing existential questions about why you even get up in the morning, but I’m not judging. Actually, you could simply go look at other types of funny t shirts that are featured prominently here.

Leg Day T Shirt: Time To Squat and Eat Chicken Legs

Leg Day T Shirt
Photo by ljgoyke

At least it’s not a turkey neck. I guess that would ruin the wordplay and conjure up a whole different world of scenarios.

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Really, I love this shirt. Simple, low resolution design and two three-letter words delivering a powerful punch of humor. Wear this to the gym and you won’t even have a chance to work out. You’ll be mobbed by adoring fans. You’ll never need to work out again really. You’ll be adored even if your body fat percentage creeps over 20. You’ll have it made!