Leatherface Free Hugs T Shirt

Leatherface Free Hugs T Shirt. What kind of monster am I? It’s National Hug Day and I’m posting shirts with psycho, horror film killers. Geez. I must have some psychological issues. Or intimacy problems. Or something.

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Nah, there’s nothing wrong with me. I was just doing my daily 14 hour search through the Internet everglades searching for shirts that might give you a little joy in an otherwise mundane and quietly desperate life.

I do it for you. I ask for no thanks. Just appreciate the fruits of my labor. Enjoy the fine designs. Laugh if that’s what feels natural. Knowing that there are 1000s of you out there with a smidgen more joy in your hearts because of this tee makes all of the bill collector phone calls, the hate letters from my creditors, the abuse from my friends (‘cuz I keep having them pay the tab), the eye rolling from my parents when I answer their pleas for me to get a job with “I have a job! I’m a t-shirt blogger. I work 98 hours a week. Leave me alone.”

All of that is worth it knowing that even just one person had a spark, a glint of laughter.

Did you know that movie was based off a true story? Sick dude’s name was Ed Gein and he was from the state I live in, which, for some reason is not surprising.

Leatherface Free Hugs T Shirt: So What Kind of Middle School Art Teacher Has Her Kids Draw Characters from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie?

leatherface free hugs t shirt
Photo by LZ Creations

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That’s a pretty good drawing. I feel like that sadly disfigured person could really use a hug. The image on the shirt says get the hell away, he’s lifted a chainsaw over his head and is revving it, but maybe in a quieter moment there’s an opportunity to soften the guy up a little.

He probably hasn’t had a heart felt hug in a long while.

Maybe could also use some funny t shirts in his closet to brighten his day. I didn’t necessarily sweat daily for hours to make serial killer’s days brighter, but I have found many fantastic shirts. Check them out.