Kiss Me It’s 2018 T Shirt

Kiss Me It’s 2018 T Shirt. Kissing as midnight tolls on January 1 is a nice little tradition. I’m sure that people that actually have people willing to do this with them enjoy it very much. Since I don’t this shirt is probably even more useful to me. Perhaps someone would feel sorry for me.

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I’m not saying that you have to be desperate to wear this shirt. In fact, the effect is probably greater if you obviously have your choice of partner to kiss when the ball drops.

But, I think it also can be useful for folks that are truly looking for a kiss from a stranger, because no one that knows them will do it. Could be a what the heck moment. I’m not kissing anyone right now.

So, just to be clear for when I try this next year. No tongue. Right? I mean it’s just a peck. Though, it is New Years, which like the kiss is of some importance. Maybe just a heavier mashing of the lips, but definitely no tongue for a stranger that is doing it as charity. Right?

Or am I overthinking this?

Maybe, before I forget, I should tell you that I have circled the globe to find the best funny New Years tees for you. Please honor my sacrifice and visit that page. You will enjoy it.

Will you look at that. A guide to the perfect New Year’s kiss. The only thing they are missing is this shirt. I will take the advice to heart, because I totally watched that video from start to finish.

Kissing is an art. Did you know that? I totally read that entire article from Cosmo, so now I’m a master, so I’m probably going to have to fend off all the ladies that want to experience the best.

Kiss Me It’s 2018 T Shirt: It’s All Innocent Until It’s Not

Kiss Me It’s 2018 T-Shirt

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