Kiss Me I’m Pretending to Be Irish T Shirt

Kiss Me I’m Pretending to Be Irish T Shirt. Solid shirt right here. Double honesty is the best policy. Let people know what your true desires are, and let them know that you’re in disguise. Let’s all aim for more St. Patty’s transparency.

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I mean it’s true that only Irish people get kissed on Saint Paddy’s day. Right? It’s like a universally followed rule out of respect for the day and the remembrance of Ireland patron saint, who they, by the way, had to kidnap, to get to reside in Ireland and do enough saintly things.

Oh, and one of the things he didn’t do was drive snakes off the island, because they didn’t have snakes. But, maybe his resume of good works was a little thin, so they had to pad it with the snake thing.

Ha. Ha. Fookin Ireland.

Here’s some footage of St. Patrick taking care of the snakes.

Learn about Saint Patrick’s day (Lá Fhéile Pádraig) right here. Good information. Lots of history. Intriguing stuff. Always interesting to see how certain people get elevated to saintly status. I mean, they’re just people, but they have that certain drive to make the world a better place.

Kiss Me I’m Pretending to Be Irish T Shirt: Neither of These Dudes Are Faking. They Legit Have Irish Blood.

Kiss Me I'm Pretending to Be Irish T Shirt
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St. Patty’s Day is such a good holiday. Guiness. Some of the best weather for a holiday. Green shit everywhere. Pinching. Kissing. And probably some cursing. Cabbage. Corned beef. Probably some potatoes. I mean, what else could you want.

Well, you may want a few new funny st patty’s day t shirts, and you’re in luck. I found all the good ones and put them in one convenient gallery, because I love you.