Kingdom of Zamunda T Shirt

Kingdom of Zamunda T Shirt. When you need a Coming to America tee (and who doesn’t) this might be your best bet. Subtle. Looks like a real African nation flag. Only people into 80s Eddie Murphy comedy vehicles will give you the nod. And, that’s gratifying as hell.

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It’s got that distressed look. There are pleasing colors and it’s got the hilarious movie oomph to it. What’s that? You’ve never seen it?! What? What the hell?! See the movie. At least watch all the barbershop scenes below to whet your appetite.

Come on. Arsenio! Cuba is like nine years old.

Are you still here? Haven’t pulled the trigger on this one. Not much more I can say to convince you. I mean Eddie. Arsenio. Zamunda. The ladies will think you’re socially conscious. What more do you want from a damn tee shirt?

If you’re bald it will make your hair grow back. If you’re fat it will make you thin. If you’re dumb you’ll be blessed with brains. If you’re a leftist, you’ll be blessed with brains.

Kingdom of Zamunda T Shirt: Some dudes With Makeup and Silk Robes For Absolutely No Reason

Kingdom of Zamunda T Shirt
Photo by Me cambie a

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Actually, I added that image because it came up when I searched for Zamunda. Obviously, there are not a lot of Zamunda images for copyright reasons, but there could have been something a little closer to the movie. Right?

Maybe these two are the grips on the movie. Actually, that would be pretty spectacular. They’re New York hipsters that worked as grips back in the day. And, at night, after a long hard day of working the duct tape, they cut loose by smoking and wearing silk pajamas.

That totally makes sense. You know what else makes sense? You going to the home page of this site and perusing all the other amazing shirts I have found.