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Just One More Episode T Shirt. Don’t you hate it when you plan to go on a hike on Saturday morning, but your hiking partner decided on 10 PM Friday to start watching Workaholics. Now, it’s 12 hours later, and they can’t stop, so you’re now looking at a spooky dusk hike or scrapping the outing altogether. Sad.

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There is so much great TV now. The golden age. I don’t watch any of it, because I don’t have time for pop culture. Geez. Do you think these blog posts right themselves.

But, I hear that the stuff is excellent. That all the talent and script writing brainpower has gone to television. And now with ubiquitous high speed Internet and on demand entertainment providers the phenomenon of binge watching has been born. It’s so hard to stop. Just one more. This shirt is spot on.

92 hours is the Guiness Book of World Records for continuous TV watching. Damn. That’s almost four days. I think at about 19 hours I’m not having fun any more. I’m not following the plot line, and may be starting to dislike the beloved characters because I spent way too much time with them. You know, how it works in real life with real relationships.

Just One More Episode T Shirt: This I Love Lucy Shit Is Off the Chain

Just One More Episode T-Shirt

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Please tell me in the comments what shows are worth the binge. I’m totally going to commit to watching at least one at some point. I sort of lied before. I’m caught up on Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley. I watched all of Breaking Bad. What else?

I do like conspiracies and exposure of weird CIA programs, so Stanger Things has an appeal. Also, some of the more trippy stuff could be appealing. Help me. I need to become a more knowledgeable blogger worth reading.

Who am I kidding? It’s all about the shirts like the best from Snorg Tees. Nobody cares what I have to say.