Jingle My Bells T Shirt

Jingle My Bells T Shirt. Is this some kind of dirty joke I don’t quite get? Is it code for jiggle my balls? Or is jingle my bells a euphemism for a depraved sexual act? Despite my obvious street smarts, I’m really quite innocent, and don’t know what this stuff means. I can just feel the ominous vibe of debasement.

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BUT … that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the tee if you “get it” or find it funny even on a surface level. Maybe it’s kind of an innocent expression of admiration for someone you’re attracted to.

Like, “hey, you could jingle my bells any day.” I guess now that I wrote that down and said it out loud, it doesn’t sound that innocent. Sounds like something coming out of a movie mogul or news anchor’s mouth. Ouch.

BUT … really, don’t even bother with the dozens and dozens of other amazing Christmas tees with a funny flavor that I have curated. Instead, just get this one and see what sort of sexual harassment tribunal you get dragged in front of. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Hey while were being inappropriate in relation to Christmas, have a look at that slideshow video with all them creepy Santa picks put to the serial killer soundtrack.

Jingle My Bells T Shirt

Jingle My Bells T Shirt

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It is indeed another Christmas Sweater tee design. There are so many of these out there and with good reason. There are infinite options for making a pleasing, lo-fi, design with funny words that people will want to own pronto.

This is no exception. Look at the multi-colored bells. And the strings of lights that sort of look like lightening (which reminds me of thunder snow — look it up).

Of course, I’m not quite sure what the bottom row of images represent. Sort of looks like Space Invaders, and X’s marking the spot, but that could just be some more of that veiled lascivious stuff I don’t understand.

I mean, I know that getting your bell wrung can mean getting a concussion. So, maybe someone wants to get hit hard in the head.