Jesus Tuxedo T Shirt (I Want to Be Formal But I’m Here to Party)

Jesus Tuxedo T Shirt (I Want to Be Formal But I’m Here to Party). I’m a sucker for shirts featuring Jesus. He was such a central figure in my life, growing up as a preacher’s son. Rejecting him, then sort of slowly coming back to understanding the cultural and spiritual anchor he provides as an example of the perfect man.

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I know some people aren’t happy with putting Jesus in these modern day scenes with stoner-like rationale, but the historic depictions of him kinda put him in the greasy hippie camp. Well, except for the part where he was a badass, stood up to the kleptocrats of his day, and made the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity from their sins.

And, now, you too must die to yourself, make the sacrifice and come out bigger, better, stronger, and wearing a tuxedo shirt, because you don’t want a jacket and cummerbund restricting your movements as you groove the night away to all of the Prince, Funkadelic, and Sly & the Family Stone.

It’s quite an example that has been set, so get to work.

Jesus sketch comedy can be whack. That wasn’t bad.

Jesus Tuxedo T Shirt Or Jesus Pringle Your Choice: Who You Gonna Serve?

jesus tuxedo t shirt
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Buy Now: Jesus Tuxedo T Shirt (I Want to Be Formal But I’m Here to Party)

I know there’s been probably more Jesus hilarity than you can take but that Pringle totally looks like Jesus too. Probably a miracle like that toast in Sicily or that generic pop tart in Madagascar.

Probably when you pull this one out of the can, you fall to your knees and pray. You give thanks, pray for forgiveness, whatever comes to your heart to put out their in supplication.

And, once you get all spiritually recharged, put that baby on eBay with a minimum sell price of like $475,000.

Thank the Lord.

Then, once that dough hits your Paypal, you should really think about looking at all the fine Snorg Tees I have collected. They are the best of the bunch and they will make you, and your friends and family chuckle.