Jesus BRB T Shirt

Jesus BRB T Shirt. This is so funny. He wrote BRB in the dirt with a stick, making a promise to the public, and re-assuring his closest friends and family. He didn’t have much time, so he used the initialism, which actually got picked up later and became the language of the youth and those short on time.

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And, that’s why we remember Jesus to this day. He really revolutionized communication. It just took the world a few thousand years to really catch on, but you know what they say about prophets in their day and in their own homeland.

Anyways, once technology caught up to this forward-thinking man, it was quite apparent he was on to something, and that his “short-hand” would forever change the world. It was almost like he was divinely inspired.

I don’t think that often about people, but Jesus, Satoshi Nakamoto, and John Locke really stand out as receiving otherworldly guidance. Each contributing in their own distinct but important ways.

I can’t find any real evidence-based sites that prove how instrumental Jesus was to modern-day communication. The closest I can come is the connection between memes and CIA mind control. Not quite what I was looking for but close.

Jesus BRB T Shirt: The Communcation Revolutionary Shows Us How It’s Done

Jesus BRB T-Shirt

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There’s probably not a more important shirt in SnorgTees’ catalog, but I did put together a list of their 60+ best designs for you just in case you need more than this gem.

The other thing I like about this shirt is Jesus’ nose. Looks a lot like Spicoli’s in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which is quite a coincidence, because I think Sean Penn’s character embodied some of the groundbreaking attitude and panache that Jesus did.

I mean surfer culture exploded after that movie. Another seminal moment, but we’ll talk about that later. The important thing is the nose similarity. There might be something there. I’m going to check out some pics of Mr. Locke. Might be more than a coincidence.