Irish You’d Buy Me a Beer T Shirt

Irish You’d Buy Me a Beer T Shirt. Irish you’d buy this shirt, so you can wear it on St. Patty’s Day, so you can have some hot young thing buy you a beer. Or old crusty thing. Or just some thing. As long as they have the cash and hand you that beer for free.

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Wordplay is a big fave here at Cheeze Tees. Especially, if the wordplay makes it seem like you have a speech impediment or you’re wearing headgear for your braces. That’s the best. Irish you’d be cool. Irish you’d love me. Irish you’d put shots of Jameson and make me drink them ’til I pass out.

How excited are you for St. Paddy’s Day right now. It’s like Xmas Eve or something. So exciting.

I’d prefer this drink if there were real fish in it. Make it a little more hard core. I guess this isn’t necessarily for St. Patty’s Day. If it’s warmer you can probably find a decent honey dew melon. If you live in cold country, you may still be freezing your balls off, and have no desire for a melon.

If this is your situation, then you need to add real gold fish to your drink. That’s a rule. If it’s below 32 degrees right now you have to do the fish. Check the app. Where you at?

Irish You’d Buy Me a Beer T Shirt: And Bring Some Pretzels. And Put a Good Tune on the Jukebox.

Irish You'd Buy Me a Beer T Shirt

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Is there such a thing as good Irish music other than that jig music stuff? I suppose U2 is from Ireland. I liked them in the 80s. Yes, I was alive in the 80s. Don’t judge. The Pogues. The Waterboys. Not bad. Not bad. Hot House Flowers. Them. Decent showing.

Buy me a beer ‘cuz you think I’m special. Please. Now. Please.

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