I’m the Wurst T Shirt

I’m the Wurst T Shirt. I love this little dude. He’s the wurst, and totally stoked about it. Plus, I like the placement of the little casing tie ups on the either end. Not going to get into what the bottom one looks like. Suffice it to say this little guy has pizzazz.

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And it’s wordplay! I love good wordplay. Puns. All that shit. One thing that puzzles me a bit is that this Wurstboy has arms and legs. I’ve not had a wurst with those features. Might be disconcerting to see that on the grill.

Look, full disclosure … I’m in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There’s a lot of wurst winging around this city. No lie. Wurst around every corner. In every nook. Stacked in the attack. On the trails of all your favorite woodsy hikes. Mostly brat in style, but surely others that I don’t know the names of as well. I don’t really make it to that German butcher shop often.

Isn’t there a knockwurst? That can’t be how you spell it though. Okay, here’s a fine informational site stating that there are over 1,500 wursts in German cuisine. Damn that’s a lot of wurst. Blutwurst. Now I have a new favorite wurst name.

Well, I hope this little guy, who’s clearly not a Blutwurst is not mad that I have a new favorite. He’s totally my favorite of whatever type he is. He’s lovely. Great energy. He’s got spunk. I mean that’s really how you should approach a life that in his case is probably very short and ends being burned alive then consumed by someone, who most likely has chronic halitosis.

I’m the Wurst T Shirt: I Find This Girl’s Expression Unfitting of the Celebration of Life Vibe This Wiener is Pumping Out

I'm the Wurst T-Shirt

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Damn, I’m doing a ton of research for this post. Just looked for the proper spelling of wiener. After wading through one million stories about that scuz Anthony, I found that the proper German spelling is wiener. I am naturally inclined to spell it weiner, but no one really cares about my weiner … spelling.

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