I’m Smitten Glove You T Shirt

I’m Smitten Glove You T Shirt. Ah, so much cute and wordplay in one lovely little graphic tee. Can you even stand it? This winter your heart will be warm. Your might be warm with all the hand covering love. And you won’t be warm if all you’re wearing is a t-shirt. 

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I’m not saying don’t get this shirt. Not in the least. I’m just saying, get the t-shirt and wear it but don’t forget to layer. Maybe a long sleeve. And if you live in colder climes, do winter coat. Then, you can peal them off as you get warmer. 

And if you find someone that loves you as much as that left glove loves the right, well then that shirt might end up on the floor. I took that way too far. Sorry. Erase that from your mind. Cleanse your brain palate. Go look at some much more wholesome funny Xmas tees

Still here. You must really love the romantic. Good for you. It’s the spice of life. I’ll try to keep it non-obscene from here on out. Here’s the best scenes from The Notebook. It’s got the same vibe as this shirt.

Would Any Dude Ever Where This I’m Smitten Glove You T Shirt?

I’m Smitten Glove You T Shirt

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Well holy moly, there’s a guy wearing this shirt right now. I suppose it shows a sensitive side, and a sense of humor. Might go over pretty well actually. 

Maybe it’s like having a cute puppy. It automatically attracts the ladies. But, is that what you want. Maybe if you have game, all you need is an opening. But, what if it’s all about the puppy or the mittens on your tee? What if you don’t have enough game to grab the spotlight and shine it right in your manly man face. What then?

I guess what I’m saying is if you’re a dude and want to wear this shirt, you better have serious game. All you girls out there, where it whenever and wherever you want.