I’m Present Rick T Shirt (Rick and Morty)

I’m Present Rick T Shirt. I don’t watch this show but I should according to the hundreds of thousands of cult followers. This seems to be about a shapeshifting Rick, who sometimes is a pickle and is on, very special occasions, a gift.

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I wonder what else I can say about this. If you found yourself here, you were actively looking. Maybe in the comments you can tell me what it means. It’s funny on the face even without knowledge of the sardonic Adult Swim story.

Not impressed with my Rick & Morty knowledge? you can read reviews about Christmas Shirts that are funny where I actually know like 10% or even more about what they mean.

Crooked eyes. Bumpy teeth. Googly eyes. Apparently the show is somewhat about science, so, and this is valuable ignorant analysis here, maybe we’re talking about a man, who has stumbled upon some serious molecular biology that enables him to shape shift. But, instead of a werewolf, or fire-throwing titanium menace, he turns into Christmas gifts.

If this isn’t the back story maybe it should be because it’s amusing. Maybe I’m just amusing myself.

To make up for not knowing what the hell is going on. Here are three Xmas-related clips from the show. Maybe one catches this particular scenario.

Or maybe you should just go to the Adult Swim site and do some research on your own. I’m sorry. I feel like I have failed all of my readers. Yes, that means you Mom and Aunt Bertha.

I’m Present Rick T Shirt: Rick and Morty is Sorta Weird, Eh?

I'm Present Rick T Shirt

I wonder if this an Adult Swim approved public appearance of Tiny Rick. It’s funny, I thought Rick was an old man, but this particular animation-turned human seems to be a lovely female with a dirty or angry mind. It would be sweet if that half shirt she has on would have the I’m Present Rick design on it, but that’s probably too much to ask for a random Flickr search.

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