I’ll Get My Tool Kit Duct Tape T Shirt

I’ll Get My Tool Kit Duct Tape T Shirt. Hey, I’m the first to testify to the utility of duct tape as an all-around fixer of things. I think if I was going to have a thorough examination of my personal tool kit, I’d have to add zip ties to this shirt, but I’m not complaining.

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Duct tape certainly stands on its own as a multipurpose “tool” that can “fix” things in a pinch or in instances of lack of knowledge, skill, or will. Just put some duct tape on it works for a great deal of situations.

Entropy is a bitch. Things fall apart. Duct can mitigate some of that heavy duty life force. So can proper tools like a hammer, drill, wrench, and screw driver, but you don’t always have access to those or have the requisite skill to make those tools do what you want to fix those damn shelves that just collapsed under the weight of my amazing book collection (reading between the lines, I’m well read and super smart and don’t have time for pedestrian pursuits like properly fixing things around the house.

So, the word that comes to mind with this shirt is kludge. Did that word come to anybody else’s mind. Kludge means fixing stuff half-assed or with things that are an arms length away. Great skill if you’re in the woods and fighting for your life, but sort of makes for a shiffy looking abode if done too often.

I like the use of the words haphazard and makeshift in the dictionary definition. That’s not bad. Gets right down to the core of the issue.

I’ll Get My Tool Kit Duct Tape T Shirt: For When You Have No Skills and No Standards

I'll Get My Tool Kit Duct Tape T-Shirt

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