If I Die Delete My Browser History T Shirt

If I Die Delete My Browser History T Shirt. This is some Wednesday Wisdom right here. Forget about life insurance and a last will and testament. Make sure you have that trusted friend, who will break into your apartment and delete your browser history before anybody finds out.

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Do you really want your mom or aunt Bernice to know that you like popsicle sucking, silly putty squishing ASMR videos. Of course, you don’t. Or maybe it’s worse. Perhaps you watch “news” clips from CNN. No way you should let that out. Bury that in the grave forever.

You have a friend you can trust right? If not, then you probably need to work on that, because this is very important.

Actually, wearing this shirt around might help. It might trigger some convos with potential new friends. Then, after 6 months and you’re homies, then you can wear the shirt again, and say “remember how we met?” Well, now, let’s get serious for a minute. I want you to promise you will do this for me. I’ll do it for you.

Don’t forget to suss out the details. I mean, do you need your work computer and your laptop and your desktop, and your phone cache deleted. Maybe keep an inventory of devices, and meet with this super special BFF once a week to make sure you have everything covered.

Also, maybe there some stuff you’re proud of. Like that time you read a whole article by Sibel Edmonds. Maybe you need to actually keep that in the history, so people will see you cared about politics and human rights and stuff.

If I Die Delete My Browser History T Shirt

If I Die Delete My Browser History T-Shirt

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If you really can’t make that browser history deleting friend, because you’re kind of hard to be around, mainly because you spend way too much time watching really stupid TV shows on your computer, then maybe you can sew a white piece of cloth with your password written on it into the back of the shirt, and hope that whoever finds you dead (in that shirt of course … you might have to wear it every day for the rest of your life for this to work), puts together the clues and finds the password and does the good deed.

Good luck. Get the shirt and figure out the details later.

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